Dear Supporter of the Written Word,


As you consider who to support, the organizations that speak to you, we ask that you consider JustWrite.


JustWrite uses the process of multi-genre creative writing to inspire, praise, and build the confidence of Michigan's Junior High and High School Writers. 


Their passion, their voices, their stories deserve the opportunity to be recognized by the community, state, and the world around.


We are the platform that can help them achieve these heights, but we need your assistance to help us grow and reach even more youth.


Say "Yes" to JustWrite, help us empower today's teens-tomorrow's leaders!



Michael Nelson

JustWrite Executive Director

"I love to write partly because I love its duality: the way I sit down to write, prepare to write, and think of writing remains constant, but each time I write I pen down something new, something I've never thought about before. Even if the words are basic and the plot is crude, I just love how an idea flows through my brain, down to my arm, and twitches my fingers until that idea is sitting in front of me in black ink on the previously blank white paper, now filled with the idea from my brain. "   -Joy O.

"Before I could even comprehend the magic of words, I always had an affinity for writing. I have been writing my entire life -- it comes natural for me. I love writing because of the sheer beauty that is achievable through proper craftsmanship and by harnessing the full extent of what language is capable of saying. My goal in life is to achieve self-actualization and write the best pieces I am capable of, cherishing the experience, the working process and the end result."

--Victoria P.