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Virtual JustWrite Michigan Junior Regional Tournament: Saturday, January 21, 2023

Virtual JustWrite Michigan Regional Tournament: Saturday, January 21, 2023

Schools from across Michigan and Ohio are discovering the JustWrite program, which empowers teen writers and aids them, through practice and experimentation, to tell their creative stories, thrive, and be heard--building both literacy and writing skills.


"JustWrite is an open door to many incredible possibilities and opportunities to succeed. It gives teen writers the opportunity to show our skills and demonstrates the value of creativity and literature."


JustWrite Michigan is an established interscholastic writing program that encourages students in grades 9-12 to find, develop, and celebrate their creative voices through Regional and State Competitions.

Students who participate in this amazing creative writing program feel more confident in their writing skills, see tremendous growth, find their voice, and gain the courage and confidence to follow their dreams. JustWrite Michigan is an advantageous and delightful experience for both student writers and coaches, as they are given the opportunity to engage and network with other students and coaches across the state that love the written word.


Why Should You Choose JustWrite Michigan?

Watch the testimonials below, from Ohio Coaches, about why this program is a must for your students! 

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